Print Size's & Pricing

All prints will be sold in the original size on the for sale, item page...They also are printed with a 1/2 border......I will at times have some in a special sizes....I will personally sign, number and ship the next day after receiving them....I will do commissioned work , also...send me a text via iPhone number or through this website....I also can be contacted through my Henning Art Studio page or Airbrush USA Facebook Page....


$29.95 for 5x7-6x9's........$39.95 for 8x10's & $49.95 for the bigger one's.....plus shipping and handling...


Story of an Artist

Darryl W. Henning

I'm a third generation artist.  Bought my first Airbrush in 1977, found it to be a fascinating tool and control came easy.  Opened retail stores after my Air Force jaunt, an airbrushed my way to doing custom pieces all over the world.  My Brother, Dad (second generation artist) and I ran and did all the artwork for 3 retail stores through the 80's and 90's into retirement in 2008.   After a few decades of retirement, decided to get back to what I love, painting.  I'm here to offer my artwork in print form, any size.  I work mostly in Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink, Charcoal, Pencil......Please contact me for private art request, we'll try mast anything once...


         Giclée Printing

What is Giclée printing and what do giclée prints mean to artists and photographers

Giclee printing and What It Means

Giclee (pronounced Gee’clay) is a French term meaning to spray or squirt, which is how an inkjet printer works. However, it is not the same as a standard desktop inkjet printer, and is much larger and more detailed. Giclee prints can be a little over a meter wide and are printed on high quality archival papers. Giclee is the best way to produce archival reproductions of your fineart and photography.

Do Giclee printers use ordinary printers inks?
No. We use only brand name, special light-fast inks. Our inks are archival certified and if treated properly, will last a lifetime. The way the image is scanned is different also. The original is scanned directly on a drum scanner or large flatbed. If the image is larger, or cannot be taken off the stretcher frames, then a professional large format photograph must be taken of your works.

What kind of printing paper is used for Giclee prints?
Giclee prints can be produced on any paper you choose, or we have several specific archival papers and canvas to choose from.